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Baker Furnace InstrumentsBaker Furnace Inc. designs and manufactures the highest quality industrial ovens, heat treat furnaces, and pollution control equipment. Established in Southern California in 1980, Baker Furnace originally provided consumable supplies and crucible furnaces for the metal melting industry. Furnaces designed and manufactured by Baker Furnace quickly earned a reputation for quality engineering and durable construction. 35 years later, you will find some of the original Baker crucible furnaces still on the production floor in the punishing environments typically found in a metal foundry.

In the year 1990, Baker Furnace drew up designs for a new type of high-temperature equipment.  This specific equipment was to be used in the emerging pollution control industry. The first unit, a 100 CFM trailer mounted thermal oxidizer, was delivered in 1991. Like our crucible furnaces, Baker Oxidation Systems quickly gained a reputation for quality engineering and manufacturing. The "first" oxidizer came back to the Baker shop in 2002 for reconditioning and left having needed only paint and a slight "tune-up." As of 2015, this unit is currently in the field entering its 24th year of almost continuous service. 

Throughout the years our customer list has grown to include most of the major oil marketing companies, various Fortune 500 companies, and numerous international, national and regional businesses. We extend a hearty thank you to all of our current customers and look forward to future opportunities with both new and existing customers.  The experienced staff at Baker Furnace is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality industrial oven, industrial furnace and pollution control equipment.

In November of 2015 Baker Furnace was acquired by Thermal Product Solutions, LLC “TPS”.  TPS is a leading American manufacturer of custom industrial ovens used for heat treating, finishing, drying, curing, manufacturing automation and process control. TPS brands include Blue M, Gruenberg, Tenney, Lindberg/MPH, Lunaire, Wisconsin Oven and now Baker Furnace. 

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