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Aluminum’s Role in the Auto Industry

Aluminum in the Auto Industry

It wasn’t too long ago that steel was the king of the automotive industry, but that is quickly changing. With stricter efficiency standards, aluminum has become the go-to material for numerous parts and components used throughout vehicle manufacturing.

The role of aluminum in the auto industry is expected to grow by 7.4% in the next five years. Aluminum is being used in all types of vehicles, from small compact cars to heavy-duty pickup trucks, and in all types of components, from chassis and structural components to mechanical systems.

To ensure the strength and durability needed to meet the requirements of the auto industry, aluminum must first undergo certain heat treating processes. Aluminum aging and solution heat treating are common processes used to prepare the material for use.  Aluminum solution treatment is a two-part process (heat and quench) that takes the alloying elements into solution and retains them by quenching. Aluminum Aging is a second process that hardens the aluminum by applying heat in a time-temperature dependent process. By changing the properties of aluminum, it becomes more resistant to stress, a characteristic that is vital for withstanding modern driving conditions.

Aluminum aging ovens are designed to create the precise conditions that harden aluminum. Drop Bottom Furnaces are used for solution treating aluminum. During the process the load is first heated in the batch oven and then dropped into a quench tank to cool.

Aluminum in the auto industry has consistently grown over the years and will continue in the years to come. At Baker Furnace we manufacture industrial ovens and furnaces for aluminum treatment. Visit our website for more information!

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