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Baker Furnace – 2018 Year In Review

Baker Furnace saw another year of growth and success in 2018. Back in 2017, Baker Furnace moved to a larger location in Brea, California, which allowed them to expand their workforce, hiring a variety of positions in skilled trades and engineering. The increase in floorspace and manpower boosted Baker Furnace’s production, resulting in shipments to companies in the oil and gas, aerospace, pollution control, and waste management industries. This equipment was used for applications such as solution heat treating, waste incineration, fume incineration, and aluminum aging.

Entering the international market was another huge contributor to this success that Baker Furnace experienced. Baker Furnace sent pieces of equipment to six different international countries. Among the equipment sent overseas was a custom waste incineration system to a pollution control company in the Republic of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

“For Baker Furnace, 2018 experienced a huge step into the international market. Equipment shipped to Mexico, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Argentina, and the Marshall Islands. The highlight of the year was shipping a waste incineration unit requiring four high volume shipping containers and three special containers that weighed over 55,000 pounds and required special packaging to survive its 12-week journey at sea.” – Dave Strand, President & CEO, TPS

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