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Baker Furnace –2017 Year in Review

2017 in Review

The holiday season is a time to reflect back on the events throughout the year that have made an impact on our lives. Our Baker Furnace team would like to take a moment to share some of the events in 2017 that had a lasting impact on both our business and the world around us.


Baker Furnace – On the Move in 2017

Baker Furnace moved to a new location in Brea, California earlier this year. The new 40,000 square-foot location gave Baker Furnace the space needed to grow while continuing their commitment to quality, excellence, and craftsmanship in the manufacturing of industrial ovens, pollution control equipment, and furnaces. The new facility features state-of-the-art equipment, including a 10-ton overhead crane, welding machines, and plasma cutter. This equipment ensures accurate, high quality, and timely production of equipment that our customers use for heat treating, drying, curing, finishing, and pollution control.

Record Shipments in 2017

The new location helped us streamline workflow for better efficiency and reach record shipments of custom and standard units in a variety of configurations. Some of these units such as thermal oxidizers and afterburners will be used in the pollution control industry along with waste incineration units used to create waste-to-energy solutions for municipal, commercial, and industrial clientele.  Drop bottom furnaces, crucible furnaces, car bottom furnaces, and batch ovens will be used for a variety of applications in the heat treating, foundry, composites, and automotive industries.

Pollution Control Equipment Making the Earth a Cleaner Place

Industrial air pollution is a serious environmental and human health problem. Air pollution is the presence of very small particles, biological molecules, and other harmful gases in Earth’s atmosphere. The Journal of Industrial Pollution Control says that air pollution can cause disease and damage to living organisms. Baker Furnace thermal oxidizers and industrial afterburners remove many of these harmful pollutants before they get into the atmosphere.

Thermal oxidizers serve as air pollution control in chemical plants by decomposing hazardous gases at a high temperature then releasing the decomposed gases into the atmosphere. Industrial afterburners destroy industrial pollutants, such as hazardous air pollutants, volatile organic compounds, and industrial odors and fumes.

Our team here at Baker Furnaces takes great pride in providing equipment that made the world a cleaner place this year and we look forward to continuing this in the years to come.

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