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Baker Furnace Introduces Augmented Reality Platform for use on Furnace Lines

Baker Furnace, a division of Thermal Product Solutions, is extremely proud to present the Augmented Reality (AR) platform to our furnace lines. Augmented Reality allows operators, maintenance personnel, and engineers to interact with the furnace through a tablet. There are three levels available on the furnaces with a PLC: Augmented Operator, Augmented Maintenance, and Augmented Engineering. 

The AR will have step-by-step procedures, component manuals, mechanical drawings, electrical drawings, and real, live data at the component level. There is no longer a need to open electrical panels and put on ARC flash attire; with the tablet camera, all you have to do is point and click, giving you a view of the inside of the panel with all its components and live data.

“We are excited to be able to offer this augmented reality platform and give our customers advanced capabilities in their controls while greatly improving their user experience.” – Sergio Luevano, General Manager

The Augmented Operator level will provide systematic procedures on how to run the furnace. The system logs when the procedure starts and when the procedure ends. This will provide helpful data to your industrial engineers to do a timework study by providing data on typical loads. It will also increase productivity with training new operators and serve as a refresher for standard operating procedures. Operators will have the ability to pull up manuals or send messages to maintenance/engineering with issues or potential issues directly from their tablets.

The Augmented Maintenance level will provide all electrical, mechanical drawings, component manuals, and step-by-step procedures on performing maintenance on critical components. By using the step-by-step procedures, it will provide a log when maintenance was performed and on what item. Maintenance personnel will have the ability to be on the machine and use the tablet to pull up manuals, troubleshooting tips, and have maintenance intervals for each component.

The Augmented Engineering level will provide real, live data of components on the tablet. It is as simple as pointing the tablet camera towards the control panel. Clicking on the image of the panel will allow you to open up the panel on your screen. There is no need to put on ARC flash attire to take readings. Both maintenance and engineering personnel will have the ability to be on the machine and use the tablet to pull up manuals, troubleshooting tips, maintenance intervals, and real-time data of components in the cabinet.

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