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Burn Out/Burn Off Ovens Play an Important Role in Finishing Applications

Burn Out/Burn Off Ovens Play an Important Role in Finishing Applications

The finishing industry continually needs to remove paint or powder coatings from metal hardware or equipment used during the process. Powder coating lines use hooks and racks to transfer products through the application and curing process. These items become coated in the paint and periodically need to be cleaned. Burn out/burn off ovens make easy work of removing and stripping paint and powder coatings from the fixtures used for finishing processes.

How Burn Out/Burn Off Ovens Work

These heavy-duty ovens use a form of incineration called pyrolysis to chemically decompose organic materials. This is accomplished by heating the material in an oxygen-controlled environment to a temperature that will destroy the organic material but will not cause flare ups or damage the part.

To reduce the chance of igniting the material, the oven is operated in a slightly negative pressure or vacuum condition. A water suppression system detects if the temperature gets too high. If it does a fine mist of water is injected into the oven which will turn to steam immediately and displace the oxygen and smother any flare ups or fire.

Why Use This Type of Process?

Cleaning metal parts is a difficult and time-consuming process. For example, finishing operators must routinely clean and maintain components of paint lines. Overspray contamination and safety are the main reasons to be concerned with paint buildup on system components.

Manufacturers of electric motors and tools, companies working with plastics and rubber, and custom manufacturing industries also employ burn out/burn off ovens to safely clean parts and components.

Benefits of Using Burn Out/Burn Off Systems

Because these ovens contain a built-in afterburner, any smoke or fumes produced in the cleaning process are contained and treated. No contaminants are released into the environment. They are also energy efficient and require minimal labor. This system enables a quick turnaround time for parts making them very time- and cost-efficient.


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