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Recap of 2018’s Success

Baker Furnace has been designing and manufacturing industrial ovensheat treat furnaces, and pollution control equipment since 1980, and 2018 was another terrific year of growth for us. After moving to a new, larger location in Brea, California in 2017, we’ve been able to expand our workforce by hiring a variety of positions in skilled trades and engineering. The additional facility space and manpower helped us to boost our production, which resulted in shipments to companies in the oil and gas, aerospace, pollution control, and waste management industries. This equipment was used for applications such as solution heat treating, waste incineration, fume incineration, and aluminum aging.

Throughout the year our blog series focused on pollution control including air pollution control, liquid waste treatment, and garbage incineration. In the blogs, we reviewed the causes of various pollution and how a variety of pollution control equipment is used to clean up contaminated air and waste. Read below for a brief overview of our topics.

Air Pollution Abatement

Take a deep breath. If you filled your lungs with clean, fresh air, you may have thermal oxidizers to thank. Thermal oxidizers help you breathe easier, reduce disease, and even live longer by cleaning pollutants from the air. A thermal oxidizer breaks down pollutants by exposing hazardous gases to high temperatures and then releases the treated gases into the air.

Baker Furnace has been an industry leader in custom industrial pollution control system engineering and manufacturing for more than 25 years. Our skilled team specializes in a variety of pollution abatement systems, including thermal oxidizers, for industrial air pollution control.

Treating Liquid Waste

Nearly every industry relies on water to manufacture, process, wash, dilute, cool, and transport their products. Many of these processes make water unfit for use and, unfortunately, there is a finite amount of clean water on earth. Without proper treatment, the inhabitants of the world would quickly run out of the water they need to survive. Liquid waste treatment helps reclaim some of this “used” water.

Baker Furnace offers state-of-the-art industrial liquid waste incinerators for liquid waste treatment and liquid waste management. Industry professionals rely on Baker Furnace’s liquid waste incinerators to handle nearly any type of liquid, including petrochemical waste, oil refinery waste, low CV (Calorific Value), high COD (chemical oxygen demand), liquid chemical waste, liquid ink waste, dyes waste, and many more.

Addressing the Garbage Epidemic

The environmental implications of today’s growing landfills cannot be ignored. The population across the globe quadrupled in the 20th century. On average, Americans produce 4.4 pounds of garbage every day; the nation produces 254 million tons a year. Because of the increasing amount of garbage produced each year, and the slow rate at which the garbage decomposes, landfills will continue to grow in number and size.

Incinerating garbage is an effective solution to reduce the amount of waste buried in landfills. In the past, municipalities were reluctant to incinerate waste because traditional methods produced toxic gases. Luckily today incinerator technology has advanced to include filters and systems that process these gases to remove all toxins prior to emitting the cleaned air into the environment. Baker Furnace’s waste incinerators are used to reduce garbage in settings with limited space for disposal.

Our team here at Baker Furnace takes great pride in providing equipment that makes the world a cleaner place, and we look forward to continuing this in 2019.

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