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Car Bottom Furnaces

Our car bottom furnaces provides ease of loading and unloading and can be built in several configurations: Gas-fired, electrically heated, direct fired, or indirect fired with recirculating fans. Engineered to the highest quality standards, our furnace meets rigid temperature uniformity requirements and solid operational reliability.

Typical uses for this versatile furnace are metal stress relieving, metal annealing or normalizing, steel tempering, aluminum aging, case hardening, industrial ceramics, powder metallurgy, workpiece austempering, and other heavy heat-treating applications.

For over 39 years, Baker Furnace has designed, engineered, and manufactured the highest quality furnaces that are 100% customized for each client. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send an email. We are happy to answer any questions that will help you find the right furnace for your specific needs.

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Car Bottom Furnace Key Features


Ideal For:

  • Made-to-order: Unique Sizes
  • Custom engineering
  • Exceptional heat uniformity
  • Temperatures up to 2200F
  • UL Certified control panels
  • Programmable Controls: PLC
  • Heat Treating
  • Oil & Gas
  • Government

Baker Furnace Unique Car Bottom Features

Door Mechanism and Sealing

The car bottom furnace can be fitted with a door that is affixed to the mobile car-bottom, or alternatively, a guillotine-type door for applications where customers require doors on both ends of the furnace. The doors seal against a slotted ½" thick steel plate on the front of the furnace that is recessed back from the opening. Our door design provides a positive seal that prevents leakage and promotes uniformity near the front of the furnace. The guillotine type doors are counterweighted and pneumatically or mechanically actuated depending on the size of the door.

Car Bottom Mechanism and Track

The car bottom furnace utilizes “live axles” riding on massive pillow blocks/bearings. The wheels are solid steel with a flange to eliminate drift on the track. The car bottom is driven with a speed reduction gearbox transmitted to a chain and sprocket arrangement. The speed can be adjusted with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to suit customer requirements. The bottom seals inside the Furnace via pneumatic bumpers that engage when it has completed its travel. We provide a standard railroad rail with a detailed engineering drawing for installation purposes.

Top 3 Uses of a Car Bottom Furnace

  • Heat treating large or heavy welded fabrications such as gear blanks, which are generally used in automotive and machine tool parts. Other popular heat-treating uses include industrial steel and aluminum mill applications like wire annealing, foil annealing and pre-rolling processes like pre-heating and reheating.

  • Homogenizing applications like aluminum logs, billets or plates.

  • Forging processes for making parts used in manufacturing automotive, aerospace, oil drilling equipment and other capital equipment

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