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Heat Treat Furnaces and Post Weld Heat Treatment

Baker Furnace is a veteran-owned manufacturer with a 39-year reputation for building reliable, high-temperature furnaces, including post-weld heat treat (PWHT) furnaces. Our engineers specialize in designing furnaces to fit your unique applications, no matter the complexity or scope.  Please fill out the form below or call us at (800) 237-5675 so we can share our 39+ years of industry expertise with you. We look forward to earning your business.

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Our sister company, Wisconsin Oven Corporation, also designs and manufactures a variety of PWHT furnaces in both batch and continuous configurations. Please click on the button below to view their equipment offering:

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Heat Treatment Processes

Our high-temperature, heat treat furnace models are reliable and built of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. With temperatures up to 2200°F, our furnaces are ideal for any application including annealing, aging, normalizing, stress-relieving, tempering, forming, post weld or any solution heat treating process.

Durable Construction

Our heat-treat furnaces incorporate heavy steel construction designed to provide years of trouble-free operation. Furnace shells are typically ¼" Hot Rolled A-36 Steel bolstered with heavy-wall rectangular tubing. The furnace face has a finger jointed ½" steel plate surface for the door to seal properly.

High Temperature Refractory

Each furnace utilizes castable refractory linings as well as high-insulating ceramic fiber modules. We carefully and systematically cure the refractory linings to ensure the product is ready to be used at delivery. The furnace can feature a full spectrum of refractory products including dense castable, insulating castable, ceramic fiber, or brick.

Advanced Controls

The controls featured in our furnaces are equipped with U.L. classified control panels, incorporating either PLC Controls or P.I.D. (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) digital controls. Each panel utilizes a Factory Mutual (FM) approved Flame Supervision System that automatically ignites the burners on low fire and ensures a “lock out” in the unlikely event of a flame failure. Our furnaces incorporate multiple interlocks such as high/low gas pressure switches, high temperature interlock, air proving switches, door proximity switches, and more. The furnace is also available with ramp/soak controllers or standard single set point control.

Heating Options

Our furnaces can be gas fired or electrically heated. Electrically-heated units utilize a SCR distribution of current to the elements, providing proportional control of the heating load.

A furnace configured as gas-fired utilizes FM approved burners and fuel trains, including medium and high velocity firing tubes available in alloy or silicon carbide. Turndown on some systems is as high as 50:1. The burners are spark ignited, flame supervised, and incorporate FM/IRI fuel trains with double blocking valves. Our furnaces can be direct or indirect fired and are available with recirculation fans and distribution ducting for higher uniformity applications.

Drawings, Installation, and Operating Instructions

All furnaces are supplied with a complete CAD generated General Arrangement Drawing as well as an instruction manual (digital and hard copy.) We will assist with Installation and start-up as delineated on our quotation for the equipment.

Spare Parts

We maintain a complete inventory of spare parts for most components featured on our furnaces. We can generally ship within 1 to 2 days from our warehouse. We're confident you will be pleased with the level of service from our attentive staff and the reliability of our furnaces.

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