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Industrial Pollution Control Equipment

Baker Furnace manufactures and installs air pollution systems designed for pollution control in industrial environments. Our pollution control equipment can be used to oxidize fumes from industrial ovens and destroy Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions. Not only does our pollution control products treat air pollution, but also liquid waste for both high and low volumes.

When you request a quote, we take your air pollution control requirements and use that to design pollution control equipment that is customized to your needs. As one of the industry’s leading pollution control equipment manufacturers and with over 25 years of experience, we work with our customers to design pollution control solutions that meets their specific needs. waste for both high and low volumes.


Types of Pollution Control Equipment:

Thermal Oxidizers/Afterburners

Thermal oxidizers and afterburner systems can be manufactured with a range of capabilities and customizations that drive performance. Common uses of thermal oxidizers and afterburner systems are for air pollution abatement, soil remediation, and fume incineration. 

Enclosed Ground Flares

Enclosed ground flares, also known as vapor combustors, are used for oil field methane abatement and other pollution control systems. Our pollution combustion systems are designed to take exhaust gasses that are toxic or flammable and convert them to less harmful vapors. 

Liquid Waste Incinerator

Designed to suit various volumes of industrial liquid waste, our liquid waste disposal systems have process flow rates of up to 400 gallons per hour and can meet your most stringent applications and installation space requirements. 



Thermal Oxidizer / Afterburner Systems

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enclosed ground flare system

Enclosed Ground Flares

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industrial incinerator

Liquid Waste Incinerators

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