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Enclosed Ground Flares

An Enclosed Ground Flare, also known as a thermal oxidizer or vapor combustor, is a combustion system that takes exhaust gases which are potentially toxic or flammable and converts them into less harmful vapors without using a stack.

Baker Furnace is a leading manufacturer of Enclosed Ground Flare systems, also known as vapor combustor systems or thermal oxidizers, for oil field methane abatement and other pollution control systems. Our pollution combustion systems are designed to take exhaust gases that are potentially toxic or flammable and converts them into less harmful vapors.

Our enclosed ground flare systems are customized to meet your specific requirements which is why you can depend on us for quality and reliability. With over 25 years of proven manufacturing experience with industrial pollution control systems, we would love to share our expert opinion. Contact us today and we will help determine the best ground flare system for you. ​

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Baker Enclosed Flare System Features:

  • 99.9% Destruction Efficiency (Guaranteed)
  • 0% CO (Carbon Monoxide) emissions
  • Less than 15 ppm Nox production (9 ppm typical)
  • 8:1 Burner Turndown
  • Burner does not require expensive replacement Matrix
  • Burner lights and adjusts fuel and air ratios automatically
  • FM (Factory Mutual) Flame Supervision
  • Highly Insulated Refractory Lining
  • Heavy Steel Construction
  • Trailer Mounted or Skid Mounted units
  • Regenerative XP Blowers available for Waste Gas Flow assist
  • U.L. Classified Control system with Allen Bradley PLC interface
  • Assistance available for Permitting with Regulatory Agencie

What is the difference between enclosed and open ground flares?

There are two main types of ground flares, enclosed ground flares and open ground flares. The advantage of having an enclosed ground flare is that it does not require supports or a stack, like an elevated flare would. The removal of the stack portion of the system allows pilots and other weather sensitive equipment, which has a tendency to corrode, to be easily replaced and cleaned. Our Baker Enclosed Ground Flare system utilizes a proven Burner technology that meets BACT (Best Available Control Technology) criteria for destruction of Methane and other Hydrocarbons. A Baker Enclosed Flare produces less than 15 parts per million Nox and 0% CO (Carbon Monoxide). Destruction Efficiencies are guaranteed at 99.9%. The Baker Enclosed Flare does not require expensive Burner maintenance like other systems available in the marketplace.

Enclosed Ground Flare System Comparisons

Type Enclosed Open Elevated
Height Ground Level Ground Level Elevated
Price Higher Median Median
Operating Costs Lower Lower Highest
Disturbance Rating Lower High Low
Capacity Limited High High
Special Operating Issues No Yes Yes
Safety Rating Higher Lower High
Ease of Maintenance Easy Easy Harder