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Medical Waste Incinerators

Baker Furnace manufactures and installs medical waste incinerators that effectively destroy viruses such as COVID-19 by heating the medical waste to temperatures in excess of 1,000°C. A thermal oxidation process eliminates pathogens making it ideal for infectious medical waste. Medical waste incinerators not only decontaminate the waste but also reduce it by 99% which minimizes the amount transported to landfills. Medical waste incinerators are available in a range of capacities that can process a few pounds of waste to thousands of pounds of waste. These units are also able to be transported from site to site and only require an electrical and gas connection to operate.

As one of the industry’s leading pollution control equipment manufacturers with 40 years of experience, our team works closely with customers to design a waste incineration system that meets their specific needs.

Front View Medical Waste Incinerator
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  • Eliminates most Category A and B medical waste
  • Reduces waste by 99% - cost effective by minimizing waste removal
  • Transportable units – can be used at multiple locations
  • Ease of installation – electrical and gas connections are all that are required
  • Environmentally friendly – reduces landfill usage


  • IoT capabilities with remote monitoring
  • Adaptive maintenance program



  • 99.9% Destruction Efficiency (Guaranteed)
  • 0% CO (Carbon Monoxide) emissions
  • Less than 15 ppm Nox production (9 ppm typical)
  • 8:1 Burner Turndown
  • Burner does not require expensive replacement Matrix
  • Burner lights and adjusts fuel and air ratios automatically
  • FM (Factory Mutual) Flame Supervision
  • Highly Insulated Refractory Lining
  • Heavy Steel Construction
  • Trailer Mounted or Skid Mounted units
  • Regenerative XP Blowers available for Waste Gas Flow assist
  • U.L. Classified Control system with Allen Bradley PLC interface
  • Assistance available for Permitting with Regulatory Agencies

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