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Liquid Waste Incinerator

With over 25 years of designing and building pollution control systems, Baker Furnace has leveraged its expertise and experience in developing state-of-the-art liquid waste industrial incinerators. Designed to suit various volumes of industrial liquid waste, our Liquid Waste Systems have process flow rates of up to 400 Gallons per hour and can meet your most stringent application and installation space requirements.

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Applications of our Liquid Waste Incinerators

Baker Liquid Waste Incinerators “Direct Fire” the waste through the use of a proprietary injection system. The Burners can fire on natural gas, propane or #2 Fuel Oil. Our incinerators are used in a variety of industries and applications including Pharmaceutical, Oil and Natural Gas Drilling, Petro Chemicals, Automobile, Textile, Hospitals, and Laboratories.

Baker Incinerators can handle almost any type of liquids including Oil Refinery Waste, Petrochemical Waste, High COD (chemical oxygen demand), Low CV (Calorific Value), Liquid Chemical Waste, Dyes Waste, Liquid Ink Waste, and many more.

Indoors or outdoors, our liquid waste incinerators have proven to be superior pollution control systems. They will give you years of reliable and trouble-free operation. Baker Furnace is committed to the excellence of our products and protecting the environment.


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